We help clients grow their market share through visualization of their brand image by turning creative ideas into unique products.

Our Core Values

Design Uniqueness

We work closely with our clients and turn their ideas into unique custom designs tailored especially for them.

Brand Value

Our focus is on companies who strongly recognize product and brand identity.

Corporate Responsibility

We source suppliers who uphold the highest standards in the manufacturing sector who operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Quality Products

We believe the quality of the product is a reflection of your brand. We take pride in delivering well made products.

Our Services

Custom Apparel

With over 15 years experience in the apparel industry, we specialize in the process of apparel design and manufacturing. Whether you’re an aspiring designer with a clothing line looking for help with sourcing and manufacturing your line or you simply have a unique concept for an apparel line and need help turning those ideas into actual clothing. We can help you with all stages from design, development to production.

Timelines: Regular lead time for custom apparel is 6 months from concept to delivery. You can see what steps are involved in our process here: How It Works

Quantities: For overseas production our minimum is 500 pieces. For domestic production our minimum is 250 pieces.

Corporate Rewards

If your company is looking for unique swag or incentives to use as giveaways or rewards to staff or customers talk to us and we can help you build a merchandise program that’s focused on your brand identity.  Depending on the materials selected, branding can be applied to your product by embroidery, silkscreen, or sewn in tags.

Timelines: 3-6 months

Quantities: Minimum of 500 pieces

Convention Exclusives

If you’re a convention or trade show organizer, give your attendees something to talk about with custom made exclusives. Not only will they have a souvenir to bring home, this builds brand recognition each time they wear or hold the product in their hands. They’ll remember the wonderful time they had at your show!

Timelines: 3-6 months

Quantities: Minimum of 500 pieces

Branded Merchandise

We are a full service apparel design company specializing in private label clothing based on your character or mascot. We also collaborate with artist, designers and musicians to create unique branded merchandise. We work with you through the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing stages.

Timelines: 3-6 months

Quantities: Minimum of 250 pieces. We can accommodate quantities under 250 pieces but a surcharge will apply for not meeting the minimum order.